7 Trend Man Hairstyles 2017

In addition to the model of cool hairstyle that you can give to the hair style you like, the shape of the hairstyle man's face. some haircut like undercut male haircut, hairstyle men who preferred women and Korean men hairstyles also we will consider here. There are many other references 2017 hairstyle trends here.

Here haircut male haircut male Indonesia and the shape of the face, which will be discussed in Trend Model Men Hair Styles 2017.


1. Model Hairstyles Undercut.

There are a variety undercut hairstyle that you can apply to men. Because it is this hairstyle became one of the models preferred by men, because the haircut is widely applied in various circles whether ordinary people or artists. With models like this piece you definitely feel cool and adds to your confidence. Hair Model Undercut usually applied to haircuts spike or other greasy. Here are some references haircut model Undercut 2017.


2. Model Hairstyles Slick Back

Model slick back hair means hair that is combed towards the front of the rear. However, to implement this one haircut you should use a suitable pomade in order to look perfect. The model of this piece is better known as the Model Klimis that make you appear as a man pomading. The following models of slick his hair back in 2017:


3. Model Rockabilly Hairstyles

Rockabilly is one of the first haircut. In emerging now is because many people who like this model. Because men rockabilly hairstyle synonymous with rock n roll look. Here men rockabilly hairdo 2017:


4. Model Hairstyles Top Knot

Hair that ponytail hairstyle is one that is quite unique and preferred by many men. in addition to unique hair is also much liked, so if you want to have a male pigtail hairstyle you have a little feel confident because it seemed strange to other people. The following models of men's hair pigtails 2017


5. Model Hairstyles Korean style

Korean men are always considered to have a cool fashion and models of men's hair styles are cool. Many Indonesian people who like Korean-style hairdo this 2017. For those of you who like stylish korea style you can replicate that model men's hair style ala korea. The following models of men's hair style korea 2017


6. Model Hairstyles Mr Grey

This trend is one suitable for you who want to look colored. By giving a gray color with highlights of blue denim on the roots so it looks more natural and dimension. The following models of men's hair Mr.Grey 2017


7. Model Hairstyles Bowl Cut

Men's hair styles this one is pretty easy to spot because it looks seberti inverted bowl. men's haircut like showing pieces of thick hair on the top of the head, and thinning over the earlobe. The following models of men's hair Cut Bowl 2017

Published on: 10/25/19, 7:58 PM