This is a sophisticated Tank of Indonesian children !!

PT Pindad (Persero) together with Turkish company FNSS Defense System, agreed to cooperate in developing a medium class tank to strengthen military forces in their respective countries.

In this initial phase of cooperation, the two countries agreed to complete the prototype that lasted for 3 (three) years. This year, it has entered its second year after the project began in 2015.

President Director of PT Pindad (Persero) Silmy Karim told the reason the two countries developed this medium class tank because it is widely used in several countries. This is a potential for both companies.

Silmy promises, will have some excess tanks Pindad production with this FNSS when compared with other similar tanks are also produced in several other developed countries.

"The advantages are weighing not more than 30 tons and still installing its capabilities with the latest technology,"


In fact, Silmy tries to further lighten the weight of this tank to have a perfect acceleration and agile, to 25 tons. Up to now, similar tanks weigh over 30 tons.


Not only that, other advantages possessed the ability of this tank gunfire caliber bullet can be tailored to the needs and reservations. The caliber used is also quite large.


"We get a 105 mm cannon, can also be upgraded using a 120 mm," said Silmy.


Currently, Pidad and FNSS are finalizing the development of prototypes for the second phase. The development of prototypes has begun in 2015 and is targeted to be completed and introduced in 2017.

Published on: 10/25/19, 7:57 PM